Can I use the Payments Portal to contact the Customer Support Team?

You can contact our Customer Support Team using the Payments Portal. We respond by phone or email. 

To contact us:

Step 1. From the top-right of the Payments Portal, click your user name.

Step 2. From the drop‑down menu, click Contact Us.

The user menu on the Payments Portal with the Contact Us link highlighted.

Step 3. Enter your question:

  a. From the Topic drop‑down menu, select the topic that best describes your issue. The topic you select helps us to respond more effectively.

  b. In the Message field, describe your issue. You can write up to 2000 words.

Step 4. Confirm your Contact Information is correct:

  a. First Name

  b. Last Name

  c. Email Address

  d. (Optional) Phone Number

Step 5. Use the option buttons to select your Preferred Contact Method.

Step 6. Click Send Email.

Modified on: Wed, 27 Feb, 2019 at 10:55 AM