What can I do with my search results?

When you are viewing the search results you can:

  • Group or ungroup your results – group any related transactions, for example, a pre‑authorization with its completed sale.
  • Download your results in .CSV format – you can download your search results.
  • Open a detailed view of a transaction – you can view more information about the transaction.

Grouping or ungrouping your transactions

To group or ungroup your search results:

  • Click GROUP and UNGROUP.
Group and ungroup

Downloading your transactions

You can download all your search results, or you can download only transactions that include more than one item. They download in .CSV format.

To download all your search results:

  • Click DOWNLOAD.
Download search results

To download transaction results that include more than one item:

Download a transaction

Opening the detailed view of a transaction

The History page displays transactions in a simplified view. The simplified view includes the following information:

  • Type of transaction
  • Date of the transaction
  • Reference number
  • Invoice number
  • Card number
  • Authorization code (if applicable)
  • Entry mode
  • Amount
Example of a simplified view

If you click on any transaction, you open the detailed view. The detailed view includes more information than the simplified view, such as:

  • User who performed the transaction
  • Batch number
  • Name on the card
  • Cardholder address
Example of a detailed view

In the detailed view, you can use the option buttons to run additional functions, such as:

  • Void or refund
  • View transaction receipt
  • View transaction details

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