How do I run a pre-authorization?

A pre-authorization temporarily holds funds in the customer’s account, which you later capture when you finalize the sale. You can use a pre-authorization to make sure customers pay for the services you provide, for example, at the start of their hotel stay or when they hire a car.

You should use a pre-authorization if you are a mail order or telephone order merchant that ships physical goods. You can then finalize the sale when you ship the goods to the customer.

To run a pre-authorization:

Step 1. On the toolbar, click Virtual Terminal.

Step 2. On the side menu, click Pre-Authorization.

Step 3. Enter the Card Information:

  a. Type the Card Number.

  b. Use the month and year drop‑down menus to select the Expiration Date.

  c. Type the CVV.

  d. (Optional) Type the Name on Card.

  e. Type the Street Address.

Step 4. ype the Order Information:

  a. (Optional) Customer ID.

  b. Invoice Number.

  c. (Optional) Customer's Email.

  d. Subtotal Amount.

  e. (Optional) Tax Amount.

  f. (Optional) Tip Amount.

  g. (Optional) Convenience Fee.

  h. (Optional) Notes relating to the pre-authorization for future reference.

Step 5. Click Submit Pre-Authorization. The Payments Portal confirms the pre-authorization.

Note: If you are a Virtual Terminal user and do not have an integrated POS, the Payments Portal does not display the Tip Amount and Convenience Fee fields.

Finalizing a pre-authorization

Step 1. On the toolbar, click History.

Step 2. Search for the pre-authorization you want to finalize.

Step 3. Click the transaction to display the detailed view.

Step 4. Click Finalize Sale.

An example Pre-Authorization transaction screen with the Finalize Sale button highlighted.

Step 5. Click Finalize Sale. The Payments Portal confirms you have finalized the sale.

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