How do I run a forced sale?

If a card transaction requires a referral, you can complete the transaction using a forced sale. You run a forced sale from the Virtual Terminal, or from the History page. 

To run a forced sale from the Virtual Terminal:

  1. On the toolbar, click Virtual Terminal.
  2. On the side menu, click Forced Sale.
  3. Enter the Card Information:
    1. Type the Authorization Number that the card issuer has provided.
    2. Type the Card Number.
    3. Use the month and year drop-down menus to select the Expiration Date.
    4. Type the CVV.
    5. (Optional) Type the Name on Card
    6. Type the Street Address.
    7. Type the Postal Code.
  4. Type the Order Information:
    1. (Optional) Customer ID
    2. Invoice Number
    3. (Optional) Customer's Email.
    4. Subtotal Amount
    5. (Optional) Tax Amount
    6. (Optional) Tip Amount
    7. (Optional) Convenience Fee
    8. (Optional) Notes relating to the forced sale for future reference.
  5. Click Submit Forced Sale. The Payments Portal confirms the forced sale is successful. 

Modified on: Tue, 30 Oct, 2018 at 12:42 PM