How do I run a manual card sale using a saved payment card?

You can run a manual sale using the saved payment card associated with a customer profile. 

• The Payments Portal does not save the payment card's CVV. You need to know the payment card's CVV if you want to use it when running a manual sale.
• Depending on your Payments Portal account, some options may not be available.

To run a manual sale with a saved payment card:

Step 1. On the toolbar, click Recurring Billing

Step 2. Click the customer's record to open the detailed view.

Step 3. Click Sale for the card you want to use.

An example of a customer's record with the Sale button highlighted.

Step 4. Enter the Card Information:

  a. Use the month and year drop-down menus to select the Expiration Date.

  b. Type the CVV.

  c. (Optional) If your customer is using a commercial card, click the Commercial Card check box to display the Purchase Order field.

The Card Information screen with the Purchase Order field highlighted.

  d. (Optional) Type the Name on Card.

  e. Type the Street Address

  f. Type the Postal Code.

Step 5. If your customer is using a commercial card, type the Purchase Order reference.

Step 6. Type the Order Information:

  a. (Optional) Customer ID.

  b. Invoice Number.

  c. Subtotal Amount.

  d. Tax Amount.

  e. (Optional) Tip Amount

  f. (Optional) Convenience Fee.

Step 7. Click Submit Payment. The Payments Portal displays either a decline, or an approval screen:

  • Decline - Payments Portal may display a reason such as "Decline; Invalid CVV." You can retry the card or ask your customer to use a different payment method.
  • Approval - The approval screen includes a summary of the transaction. On the approval screen, you can:

    - Email or Print Receipt

    - Start a new sale

    - Void the sale

    - Change the Tip Amount

Modified on: Wed, 27 Feb, 2019 at 11:44 AM