How do I read my statement?

We issue your statement monthly using our online reporting system, Statements and Reporting, which you can access online.

Your statement shows a summary of the total number of:

  • Transactions by card type
  • Funds processed throughout the month
  • Third party transactions
  • Adjustments and chargebacks
  • Fees
statementSample statement

Summary by card type

This section shows your total transaction activity during the statement period. Your statement shows your transactions separated by card type.

Summary by card type
  1. Average dollar value for items processed for each card type.
  2. Total number of items processed for each card type.
  3. Total dollar value of sales processed for each card type.
  4. Total number of items refunded for each card type.
  5. Total dollar value of refunds processed for each card type.
  6. Total dollar value submitted for each card type for the statement period.

Amounts submitted

Amounts submitted
  1. Total dollar amount per card type submitted for the statement period.

Third party transactions

The total dollar amount of transactions submitted to third-party card service providers during the statement period. Funds for third party transactions are deposited into your account by the third-party card service provider. In the following example American Express and Discover are shown as third-party card service providers.

Third party transactions
  1. Description of the funds submitted to third-party card service providers.
Note: Your account settings define which card service providers are treated as third parties.


  1. Description of the adjustments or chargebacks applied to your account.

Fees charged

  1. Type of charge, in this example CF is card fees.
  2. Description of fees charged by each card type.
  3. Total dollar amount processed for each card type that is subject to fees.
  4. Fee rate applied to the total dollar amount processed that is subject to fees.
  5. Total amount of fees charged.

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