How do I change the time at which my FD100/130/200 terminal automatically settles batches?

The auto close function on the FD100/130/200 settles batches automatically once every 24 hours. You can set the auto close time to best suit your business's opening hours.

Important: The following procedures are based on the FD130 with touch screen display. For models without touch functionality, use the keypad.
  1. To return to the main screen, press Clear (red button).
  2. Tap Credit/Debit.
  3. Tap More twice.
  4. Tap Setup Params.
  5. Tap View Params.
  6. Enter the password, 990712, then press Enter (green button).
  7. Tap Host.
  8. Tap Credit.
  9. Tap Previous. Auto Close displays.
  10. To clear the current entry, press Delete (yellow button).
  11. Enter the required time
  12. Note: You must use military time (24 hour clock). For example, to configure an auto close time of 11.00pm, enter 2300.
  13. Tap Save.
  14. To return to the main screen, press Clear (red button) three times.

Modified on: Wed, 15 Aug, 2018 at 4:22 AM