How do I enable or disable the keybeep or backlight on my iCT220/250 terminal?

You can set the iCT220/250 terminal's keybeep to:

  • Always on
  • Always off
  • On when the terminal receives an invalid entry

You can also set the terminal's backlight to:

  • Always off
  • Always on
  • On when keys are pressed

To enable or disable the keybeep or backlight:

  1. To return to the home screen, press Clear (red button).
  2. Press .;#* (punctuation key).
  3. Type the admin password, then press Enter (green button).
  4. Note: The default password is 1234567F.
  5. Press (Setup Menu), followed by (TermSettings), then press (TermHW).
  6. To edit the keybeep settings, press (KeyBeep), then:
    • To turn keybeep off, press (AllOff).
    • To turn keybeep on, press (AllOn).
    • To turn keybeep on for invalid entry only, press (InvalidOnly).
  7. To edit the backlight settings, press (Backlight), then:
    • To turn backlight off, press (AlwaysOff).
    • To turn backlight on, press (AlwaysOn).
    • To turn backlight on when keys are pressed only, press (On/KeyPress).

Modified on: Wed, 14 Nov, 2018 at 5:36 AM