Does the Payments Portal work with Salesforce?

Yes. Using the Cayan Payment Cartridge you can integrate the SFCC Business Manager with our Payments Portal, so that you can manage your transactions and orders using a single interface. Using this integration, you can:

  • View transactions, including their:
    • Order number
    • Reference number
    • Order status
    • Information on who created the order and their email address
    • Funds paid to date
    • Total cost of the order
    • Shipping status
    • Payment status
    • Payment types
  • Capture payment for an order
  • Void or refund an order
Important: Any actions you take using the Payments Portal do not automatically update in the Business Manager. If you want to manage payments using only the Business Manager, you must use the Payment Cartridge to capture payments, refund transactions, or void transactions.

For more information about Salesforce, contact your Salesforce administrator.

Modified on: Fri, 16 Nov, 2018 at 10:40 AM