How does my Genius device work?

Your Genius device is one part of the Genius solution. You use your Genius device to run transactions at your physical location; however, you also have access to the Genius Customer Engagement Platform (CEP).

How your Genius device works with the Genius CEP

The Genius CEP is a cloud-based platform that allows you to access our programs on an Internet browser instead of installing them on a physical device. Your Genius device and the Genius CEP constantly communicate with each other, which means:

  • We can send updates from the CEP to your Genius device, which means you do not have to manually download or install any new software.
  • You can view and manage your transactions online using our Payments Portal.

How your Genius device runs transactions

Note: Your Genius device does not share any sensitive cardholder data with your POS. Instead, your Genius device sends a token that represents the transaction, which means you do not have sensitive cardholder information on your POS.
  1. Your POS sends information about the transaction to your Genius device, such as the price and quantity of items.
  2. Your Genius device displays the information to your customer.
  3. Your customer pays for their items.
  4. Your Genius device securely sends the information about the completed transaction to the POS and to the Genius CEP. You can then view and manage your transactions on the Payments Portal.
 How your Genius device works

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