How can I tell if a transaction was EMV or regular credit/debit in my Payments Portal reports?

The Entry Mode field in the Transaction Details indicates whether a transaction was EMV or regular credit/debit. The Payments Portal displays one of the following Entry Modes depending on the card the customer presents, and how they use it:

  • EMV Contact: EMV transaction - the customer dipped their card and provides their signature
  • Proximity: EMV transaction - the customer used a contactless EMV card
  • Swiped: Regular credit/debit transaction - the customer swiped their card
  • Manual: Regular credit/debit transaction - the customer typed their card information using the keypad

The Entry Mode field is located in the Card Information section.

Transaction Details in the Payments Portal

EMV Entry Modes

Entry Mode - EMV Contact

Entry Mode - Proximity

Regular credit/debit Entry Modes

Entry Mode - Swiped

Entry Mode - Manual

Modified on: Mon, 7 Jan, 2019 at 8:43 AM