How do I void an order using the Payment Cartridge?

You can void orders using the Void button. When you void an order, the Payment Cartridge does the following:

Step 1. Refunds any gift card payments

Step 2. Captures any uncaptured payments, then voids the transaction; this releases the hold on the customer’s credit card

Step 3. Voids any captured transactions that have not been settled

 Note: You cannot void settled transactions. You can refund settled transactions using the refund button.

To void an order:

Step 1. On the Orders page, select the Order Number of the order you want to view.

Step 2. From the order’s transaction information, click Void. A dialog box opens warning you that you cannot undo this action.

An example order with a call out for the Void button.

Step 3. Click OK. A dialog box opens confirming the success or failure of the action.

A Void Dialog box stating that voiding an order cannot be undone.

Step 4. Click OK.

An message displaying that the order was successfully voided.

Modified on: Wed, 27 Feb, 2019 at 10:48 AM