Why is the Genius Mini application not responding to my sales requests?

The Genius Mini application responds to sales requests sent only by a mobile POS application that you have installed on the same device. The Genius Mini application may not respond to your sales requests because of the following:

Incorrect IP address

If you are using a dynamic IP address on your Apple device, the address may have changed and no longer matches the IP address that you entered in your mobile POS application. You should check that the IP address in your mobile POS application matches the IP address shown on the Info menu. If the IP address does not match, you should enter the up-to-date IP address in your mobile POS application.

Wrong MerchantWARE credentials

Check the configuration of your mobile POS application to ensure it has the correct MerchantWARE credentials. If there is a space or additional character in the fields, your Genius Mini will not respond to sales requests.

If your Genius Mini still does not respond to sales requests, contact our Genius Support Team.

Modified on: Wed, 30 Jan, 2019 at 5:55 AM