Can I pre-authorize an EMV transaction?

Yes you can. Pre-authorizations and post-authorizations, also known as Auth and Capture, work the same way for EMV as they do for magstripe transactions.

Pre-authorizations on a debit network

Debit networks do not support pre-authorizations. When you request a pre-authorization on a debit network, we automatically change the transaction into a sale. The transaction is completed as soon as it is authorized and does not require a post-authorization.

Pre-authorizations on a credit network

You can pre-authorize both debit and credit cards on a credit network. The process is the same for both card types.

Note: If you need to process pre-authorizations, you can turn off debit networks on your account, meaning that all transactions go through the credit networks. Contact our Customer Support Team for more information about turning off debit networks.

Modified on: Wed, 30 Jan, 2019 at 5:40 AM